Jay Industrial Repair Launches New Mechanical Service Group

Mobile Service Location Will Rebuild Turbines, Gearboxes


Jay Industrial Repair announces the formation of its new mechanical service group located in Mobile, AL.

Jay Mechanical will perform field service, inspections, cleaning, testing and repairs for steam turbines with ratings up to 60 megawatts.

The group will also provide gearbox and pump repair as well as ice blast cleaning of switchgear and electric equipment.

The plant is located at 1200 Hutson Drive in Mobile, AL

Technical service capabilities at Jay Mechanical will include circuit analysis for AC and DC electric motors, on-line current signature, oil analysis, laser alignment, field balancing and vibration analysis.

Plant Manager Brett Williams will lead the Jay Mechanical Group.  Williams has 25 years of practical experience in high speed rotating equipment.  He has received training at Westinghouse and General Electric.

Jay Industrial Repair is an industrial service and manufacturing business with five plant locations in Alabama.  The company provides service and manufacturing for the maintenance and repair of electrical machines and equipment.