New 12-Foot VPI Tank In Birmingham

A new 12-Foot VPI tank was commissioned in July at Jay Industrial Repair’s Birmingham Service Division in Docena, AL.

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) is the world standard for premium winding insulation systems for electric machines.  The resin treatment process gives a long-lasting and virtually void-free insulation system that guards against winding failures due to moisture, heat, vibration, abrasion and chemical degradation.

The new installation in Birmingham incorporates dual process tanks, 12-Ft and 5-Ft in diameter.  The system is installed in an all-new building addition and was manufactured by HeatTek, Inc of Ixonia, WI.  The impregnating resin is a modified epoxy manufactured by Von Roll, Inc of Schenectady, NY.  The insulation materials and process has been tested in coil systems rated up to 13,800 volts.

“This new system gives Jay Industrial Repair a new level of service and quality,” said Bret Lehr, President of Jay Industrial Repair. “The automated VPI process controls will help us give our customers a world-class winding insulation system,” said Lehr.  “And our factory-trained technicians will be key in turning around the rewind quickly.”

The the process is PLC controlled, with inputs for resin temperature, process tank vacuum and pressure, resin fill, part temperature and process time.  The installation also includes a new Steelman 12-Ft x 16-Ft baking oven.

  • Chamber rotor shaft extension & false bottom
  • Micron capable vacuum pumping system & vacuum booster
  • Resin filtering system
  • Plant air drying systems
  • Resin level sensor interlocks
  • VPI process automation controls including PLC and MMI
  • PLC / Computer Interface with Process Data Recoding Capability
  • Paperless VPI Process Recording System with Windows based software outputs data in real time.
  • Capacitance Meter measurement system.