Birmingham Service Center completes rewind of very large vacuum pump motor

Our Birmingham Service center, with help from sister shop, Precision Electric Coil and Rotor, recently completed a rebuild of a 1750 HP 138 RPM synchronous motor. The work scope included manufacturing and installing new stator coils and manufacturing and installing new rotor coils. Job was completed on time and on budget and is now back at a regional paper mill. The size of this motor alone, as can be seen from pictures below, made it a unique challenge in and off itself. However, our experience is dealing with large and complex motors of varying sizes and designs and the ability to keep all in house was critical to meeting expectations of our customer.


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Jay Industrial Repair awarded contract to repair 18 MW 13.8kV turbine generator

Jay Industrial Repair’s Birmingham service center was awarded a contract to repair and rewind an 18 MW high voltage generator. The work scope included a partial restock of stator core, rewind of stator and rewind of field and exciter. Additionally, the 13.8kV coils were manufactured at Precision High Voltage Systems, our new high voltage coil manufacturing facility. The unit will be processed in our 12 foot VPI system. Our ability to handle all aspects of the repair in house was key in being awarded the contract. 2014091295150804IMG_1305

Jay Mechanical has a successful fall outage season

Jay Mechanical and Precision Rotor Service are completing a very successful fall outage season with several steam turbine and gas turbines generator repairs. Jay Industrial Repair Mechanical disassembles, inspects, and repairs all makes of industrial turbines and generators. Generator fields are repaired at Precision Rotor in Birmingham.

Jay Industrial Repair is committed to growing our mechanical division with a focus on steam and gas turbines and generators.