Jay Industrial Repair continues improvement through capital investments

Jay Industrial Repair believes that to be a leader in the industry that we have to constantly upgrade our repair capabilities and over the last 5-7 years we have invested back into our company in many ways. Some of highlights are below. This list is not at all all-inclusive but highlights some important investments that demonstrate our drive for continuous improvement.

Precision Electric Coil and Rotor and Precision High Voltage Systems

  •  automatic taping systems – $250,000
  •  2nd glassing machine for our magnet wire used in coil production – $140,000
  •  a new rotor shop building connected to coil complex with dual 15 ton bridge cranes – $1 million
  • Cam engineered mica turn tape machine – $110,000
  •  a new facility with modern and state of the art equipment to manufacture high voltage VPI and B-stage form coils for our 3 motors service centers plus other companies across North America. We are currently manufacturing a set of coils for a Guatemalan company so we looking to expand offerings worldwide. Total investment is over $4 million.

Motor repair service centers

  • A second high service bay with dual 25 ton bridge crane – $950,000
  • 12 Foot VPI system, larger curing oven, and building expansion to install system and clean winding room – $2 million
  • a 12,000 square foot stand alone motor storage building in Montgomery for our customer’s spare motors with dual 15 ton bridge crane motors – $800,000
  • ultrasonic cleaning system – $200,000
  • Phoenix test stand – $500,000
  • A Mobile, Al service facility focused on mechanical repairs specifically  turbines inspections and repairs. We are also looking to invest significant capital to improve the building’s workflow and give us more workspace under crane. The facility with turbine portable repair equipment – close to $1.2 million.
  • improvements to building scheduled for early 2015 – $300,000
  • currently making change of operating system to Motorbase which we believe will enhance and improve all aspects of our customer service reporting and internal repair tracking and inventory management.

For 2015, Jay Industrial Repair and Precision are committed to improving our internal machine shop equipment specially acquiring a very large lathe for turbine rotors, CNC lathes, automated equipment for medium voltage coil operation, improvements to Mobile, Al service building to name just a few things. And we looking towards late 2015 – 2016 into upgrading our motor test stand to be largest in the region, doing the same for our balancing equipment and constantly being on lookout for new and emerging technologies to offer our customers.

And most importantly, we are making investments in our people. We are looking to expand what we already do in training and certifications for technical workforce by companies like Richard Love and Associates, certifications for our infield technicians in vibration and balancing among other things. Our people are our best asset and without our dedicated techs, winders, mechanics, machinists and coil technicians we would not be where we are today.











Advanced Energy’s PEV certification

Jay Industrial Repair is one of a few motor repair facilities in the country that have achieved Advanced Energy’s PEV certification. PEV certification  means we have been audited by Advance Energy and ” demonstrated quality assurance program for motor repair to ensure consistency in repairs while demonstrating efficiency is maintained”.

In addition according to Advance Energy PEV certified shop’s…

“Offer your customers high-quality repairs that restore efficient and reliable motors to operation. Motor Repair Service Centers qualified through our Proven Efficiency Verification (PEV) program are the leaders of motor repair, offering their clients:
Standardized motor repair processes
Pre- and post-repair data
Demonstrated quality with third-party verification including pre- and post-repair efficiency reports from our internationally-accredited lab
PEV-certified repair centers stand out among their competitors, with proven success to help their customers:
Improve reliability
Increase productivity
Reduce energy consumption”

Jay Industrial Repair is proud of their certification and is dedicated to energy conversation and returning energy efficient motors to our customers.





3 year standard warranty on VPI processed motors

As standard policy, Jay Industrial Repair offer’s a 3 year warranty on our form windings of electric motors and generators that have been wound and processed through our VPI system. We stand behind our work exceeding what is the standard 1 year EASA warranty policy. If you are interested in longer warranty please talk with your representative about the possibility of further extended warranties. With sister company Precision Electric Coil and Precision High Voltage Systems we have the ability to manufacture all of our coils from medium voltage to 13,800 volts. We believe in our product and offer warranties that reflect that belief.  With service centers in Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile we can handle all of your electric motor needs.



Ultrasonic cleaning system set to arrive

Jay Industrial Repair in it’s quest to continually provide it’s customers with up to date equipment and continuous improvement is set to receive a large ultrasonic tank cleaning system in January. The tank will be 80″ long, 48″ wide and 54″ deep and the ability of the system to clean in places that were difficult  to penetrate  beforehand will lead to a much higher quality product when returned to customer. We are excited about this new investment and being on the forefront of offering this service to our customers. PastedGraphic-1

Jay Industrial Repair set to deliver 18 MW turbine generator

We are in the final stages of reassembling an 18 MW 13.8 kV gas turbine generator for a regional utility. The work scope included a partial re-stack of the stator core performed at sister company Precision Coil and Rotor, manufacturing of HV stator coils performed at sister company Precision High Voltage Systems, rewinding field and exciter. With our own rotor repair facility, medium voltage and high voltage coil manufacturing operations plus our new 12 foot vacuum pressure impregnation system (VPI), Jay Industrial Repair was able to complete the entire repair job in-house.

Our dedicated team led by William Shiver and our skilled employees were the key in bringing all together to meet deadline and get generator back to regional utility customer on time and on budget.

Look to Jay Industrial Repair for your next turbine generator repair job.

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