Training schedule for 2016

Jay Industrial Repair has released it’s training schedule for 2016. Other courses and dates will be added in future or as need arises. Classes can also be taught on-site at customer’s location if there is interest.

Jay is fortunate to have on our team two individuals who through the vibration institute  can offer certification classes for individual technicians for levels I, II and III.  Additionally if there is a certain subject that would like to see us add to our schedule please let us know and if enough interest would be happy to add to our schedule.

Our Reliability and Training Center is headed by Allen Plymon who is one of the foremost vibration experts in the USA. Mr. Plymon serves on board of the vibration institute and is extremely well respected in his field and we are very fortunate to have hm on our team.

Jay Industrial Repair Training Courses 2016




Reliability and Training Center class and certification schedule

Jay Industrial Repair’s reliability and training center schedule for training and certification classes is below. These are open to anyone that would like to attend. If there is interest in Jay hosting another class on particular subject either at customer’s site or Jay’s we are more than happy to look into it

For further questions please contact Allen Plymon 205 – 602 -5850 or go to and you will see contact information, as well as, schedule.

Training Courses    2015

AC/DC Motor Operation & Maintenance    July 7-9, 2015       Birmingham, AL

Day 3 will be spent at the Birmingham Motor Service Center for a tour & motor testing



Vibration Analysis I          August 3-6, 2015                             Birmingham, Al

Optional ISO 18436-2 Category I Exam will be given on Friday August 7



Single Plane Balancing     September 15-17, 2015               Birmingham, Al

Balancing fundamentals and hands-on balancing



Vibration Analysis II          October 5-8, 2015                      Birmingham, Al

Optional ISO 18436-2 Category II Exam will be given on Friday October 9



AC/DC Motor Operation & Maintenance        November 17-19, 2015  Birmingham. Al

Day 3 will be spent at the Birmingham Motor Service Center for a tour & motor testing


DC In-Field Motor Maintenance       December 8-9, 2015           Birmingham, Al

What to look for when performing preventive maintenance actions



Jay Industrial Repair Training & Reliability Center  2230 2nd Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35233  205-868-3640







Jay Industrial Repair names new Northern Region Manager

Jay Industrial Repair is pleased to announce that Tim Ackerman will become our new Northern Region Manager and will oversee service centers in Birmingham and Muscle Shoals. Tim spent the last 12 years with General Electric (GE) in Charlotte, NC. Jay Industrial Repair is excited to have an individual of Tim’s caliber joining our team as we continue to build a strong management team in all parts of our company. Tim is also an EE and will start on 4/6.

Tim replaces Mark McKinney who is moving to another role and will oversee all in-field operations for Jay Industrial Repair. Mark will be moving to our new training and reliability center in  Birmingham. Joe Lorenzo will oversee all day to day operations in Muscle Shoals as previously announced.

With the addition of Tim Ackerman the service centers are now under a regional manager in the North and the South. As previously announced, Ronnie Norris is Southern Region Manager and will oversee service centers in Montgomery and Mobile and both Tim and Ronnie will report directly to William Shiver, the president of Jay Industrial Repair.

Again, Jay Industrial Repair is fortunate to have someone the caliber Mr. Ackerman with his experience, leadership and technical knowledge joining our team. The addition of Mr Ackerman builds upon Jay Industrial Repair’s of having a company that offers our customers a team with vast knowledge and experience in the manufacturing of high and low voltage form coils, all phases of electric motor repair and service and the industrial turbine and generator service in the south or the country.


Ultrasonic cleaning System

Jay Industrial Repair has processed their first rotor in our new ultrasonic cleaning tank and highlighted below are some before and after pictures. We are really pleased with performance and it will only improve as we get more familiar with system and how to get most beneficial results.

Below are pictures of a 700hp AC rotor we cleaned using the Ultra Sonic for the 1st time. We had a similar rotor in this condition a couple months ago. Using the steam cleaner we had to go back 3 different times before we got it clean enough to do a core loss/rotor bar test on it.

This rotor was in the tank 20 minutes at 160 degrees, hosed off the residue and after its dry it will be ready to test and install.

The first picture is off the rotor before in condition it arrived. The 2nd picture is the rotor submerged in the ultrasonic tank and the final two picture are after being in tank for 20 minutes.

Before cleaning

Rotor submerged end rings of rotor after cleaning

700hp Rotor after Cleaning


Jay Industrial Repair headed to Muscle Shoals for new service shop

Jay is pleased to announce that we will be opening up a new service shop in Muscle Shoals and it will be managed by Joe Lorenzo, a veteran of the area and the industry. The quad cities area and all across North Alabama are hot area for growth incuding Decatur and Huntsville. We believe this will give us full coverage of the state, as well as, into southern Tennessee. It will take a few months to have everything up and running but will staff with some key people, P&M equipment and new motors soon. The building will house a 10 ton crane and able to handle motors to a certain size with the largest ones directed to our Birmingham Service Center in true partnership. Through this facility we will offer Jay Industrial Repair’s full spectrum of services including Turbine and Mechanical services, a large group of full time P & M technicians, high voltage motor and generator winding services, products from our two national form coil manufacturing plants Precision Coil and Precision High Voltage  and our other 230 talented and dedicated winders, machinists, mechanists and engineers





Jay Industrial Repair Turbine /Mechanical Group 2014 highlights

Jay Industrial Repair is much more than electric motor repairs and services. One service division that is continuing to expand and grow it’s service work is our Turbine/Mechanical group led by Brett Williams out of Mobile combined with our generator service group out of Birmingham. Know with the technical knowledge and ability to handle both the mechanical and electrical portions of repairs and inspections of steam, gas and hydro turbines each year it is becoming a bigger  and more important part of Jay Industrial Repair now and into the future.

2014 – highlighted repairs performed. Just a partial list for 2014.

38 MW EM Steam Turbine Generator
Inspection of stator and generator field.
Complete electrical and mechanical run out inspection
Installed a flux probe monitoring device in the stator
Repaired static excitation system
1.5 MW GE Steam Turbine Generator
Inspection of stator and generator field
Complete electrical and mechanical run out inspection
Removed 18-18 retaining rings and machined
Re-blocked windings and installed Teflon fused G-11 slip plane
Rebuilt insulated bearings and installed
Machined new bearing journal and coupling fits
At Speed balanced with full electrical tests

20 MW GE Steam Turbine Generator
Complete electrical and mechanical run out inspection of generator field
Removed retaining rings
Re-blocked field windings and installed Teflon fused G-11 slip plane
Machined new bearing journal
At speed balanced with full electrical tests
South carolina
18 MW Westinghouse Gas Turbine Generator
Complete turnkey rebuild
Removed the generator from customers site
Complete electrical and mechanical run out inspection
Rewound generator field and balanced
Rewound exciter
Partial replacement of core iron stack
Manufactured 13.8kv stator coils
Wound stator
Installed and aligned unit
North Carolina
25 MW GE Steam Turbine Generator
Turnkey rebuild
Removed generator field from customer site
Ice blast cleaned stator and performed full electrical tests
Complete electrical and mechanical run out inspection
Removed retaining rings from generator field
Re-blocked field windings and installed Teflon fused G-11 slip plane
Ground collector rings true
At speed balanced with full electrical tests
Installed generator field and aligned unit







Mark McKinney to be named VP – Infield Services

Mark McKinney, Jay Industrial Repair’s longtime GM of our Tuscaloosa and our Birmingham Motor Service division will be named as VP – Jay Industrial Repair and will manage infield services for the company. Mark will continue as GM at Birmingham Service Center until replacement is found.

Mark excels in complicated and technical in-field service work. Many of our customers when they have these type of requirements for a job want Mark to be there and oversee as they trust his expertise with an understanding that Mark always leads with a safety first view. More and more Mark is being called away and as Jay Industrial Repair has grown and expanded services to turbines, high voltage motors and generators Mark’s skills and leadership are needed on a full time basis. Mark is a great leader, as well as, a great person with outstanding integrity and can always be counted on to do the right thing. Jay Industrial Repair could not find a better person to head-up this service. foster_wheeler_turbine1gas_turbine_ice_2image12014091295150804



Jay Industrial Repair to open dedicated training and education facility

Jay Industrial Repair is set to open in March an 8,000 square foot training and education center on the south side of downtown Birmingham. The facility will be used for continues training and education of our employees by groups such as Richard Love and Associates. Additionally, Jay Industrial Repair will offer year round technical seminars for our customers and will be available to put together and host seminars on any subject related to electric motor and generator maintenance, proper P&M educational classes to electrical safety.

The training facility will be managed by Allen Plymon who was recently named  Corporate Reliability Manager for Jay Industrial Repair. The building will allow us to host classes of varying sizes with spaces capable of holding classes for 50-75 people, 20 – 30 people and  numerous other rooms from 2 – 10 people.

We also hope to be announcing in the near future some exciting news about predictive and preventive maintenance on our customer’s equipment that would take service and P&M management to a new level. Now with around 20 dedicated on-site technicians available and stationed from such cities as Atlanta, Chattanooga, Mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and a few cities in Mississippi ……. P&M has become a huge part of our core business. Our technicians are available 24/7 year round so our customers can  depend on Jay Industrial Repair for routine and emergency issues.




above : street view of building

below : views of section of inside. Petitions and temporary walls will be removed in places to allow for set-up of large and small classroom sizes.







Allen Plymon named Corporate Reliability Manager

A familiar face, Allen Plymon, is rejoining the Jay Industrial Repair team as Corporate Reliability Manager. Jay Industrial Repair is fortunate and excited to have a person of Allen’s caliber back on our side. Allen is one of the foremost vibration experts in the United States. Allen has 25 years of experience in the field of predictive and corrective maintenance including advanced analysis, balancing, and alignment,. He serves currently as Chairman of the Training Committee and a member of the Vibration Institutes Board of Directors. Allen’s will focus on training and certification and is always available for complex vibration issues and solutions. Allen is just another example of Jay Industrial Repair’s focus of obtaining the best talent in the industry.

Jay Industrial Repair continues improvement through capital investments

Jay Industrial Repair believes that to be a leader in the industry that we have to constantly upgrade our repair capabilities and over the last 5-7 years we have invested back into our company in many ways. Some of highlights are below. This list is not at all all-inclusive but highlights some important investments that demonstrate our drive for continuous improvement.

Precision Electric Coil and Rotor and Precision High Voltage Systems

  •  automatic taping systems – $250,000
  •  2nd glassing machine for our magnet wire used in coil production – $140,000
  •  a new rotor shop building connected to coil complex with dual 15 ton bridge cranes – $1 million
  • Cam engineered mica turn tape machine – $110,000
  •  a new facility with modern and state of the art equipment to manufacture high voltage VPI and B-stage form coils for our 3 motors service centers plus other companies across North America. We are currently manufacturing a set of coils for a Guatemalan company so we looking to expand offerings worldwide. Total investment is over $4 million.

Motor repair service centers

  • A second high service bay with dual 25 ton bridge crane – $950,000
  • 12 Foot VPI system, larger curing oven, and building expansion to install system and clean winding room – $2 million
  • a 12,000 square foot stand alone motor storage building in Montgomery for our customer’s spare motors with dual 15 ton bridge crane motors – $800,000
  • ultrasonic cleaning system – $200,000
  • Phoenix test stand – $500,000
  • A Mobile, Al service facility focused on mechanical repairs specifically  turbines inspections and repairs. We are also looking to invest significant capital to improve the building’s workflow and give us more workspace under crane. The facility with turbine portable repair equipment – close to $1.2 million.
  • improvements to building scheduled for early 2015 – $300,000
  • currently making change of operating system to Motorbase which we believe will enhance and improve all aspects of our customer service reporting and internal repair tracking and inventory management.

For 2015, Jay Industrial Repair and Precision are committed to improving our internal machine shop equipment specially acquiring a very large lathe for turbine rotors, CNC lathes, automated equipment for medium voltage coil operation, improvements to Mobile, Al service building to name just a few things. And we looking towards late 2015 – 2016 into upgrading our motor test stand to be largest in the region, doing the same for our balancing equipment and constantly being on lookout for new and emerging technologies to offer our customers.

And most importantly, we are making investments in our people. We are looking to expand what we already do in training and certifications for technical workforce by companies like Richard Love and Associates, certifications for our infield technicians in vibration and balancing among other things. Our people are our best asset and without our dedicated techs, winders, mechanics, machinists and coil technicians we would not be where we are today.