2014 Welcomed the New                            Precision High Voltage System

Precision High Voltage is the culmination of years of planning. The team at Jay Industrial Repair realized that there was a growing need for North American Manufactured
quality High Voltage coil and bars. Precision High Voltage Systems is the solution.  
We have assembled a team of High Voltage professionals, completely refurbished a facility in Birmingham Alabama’s Historic District, and installed the most modern equipment for the manufacture of high voltage coils.  

Precision Vac-HV  Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Insulation Systems

  • PRECISION-VAC HV – High Voltage Global VPI Epoxy Technology for 13KV AC Class Motors and Generators.  Advanced applied methodology of stress gradient materials in slot and coil end-windings assure minimized partial discharge activity.  Maximum impregnation is assured by means of continuous in-tank capacitance monitoring when processed in our own Jay Industrial Repair integrated 12 foot VPI tank system.

Precision Seal-HV  Resin Rich B-Stage Insulation Systems

  • SEAL HV – A High Voltage rewind insulation system utilizing hot pressed resin rich coil technology for 13KV AC Class Motors and Generators.  These hot pressed coils with maximized resin flow result in solid homogeneously filled slot sections and coil end arm durability particularly apt for units where high cycling operations are normal.

Precision Flex-HV  Flexible Winder Friendly Insulation Systems

  • PRECISION-FLEX HV – A High Voltage rewind of a hybrid fully cured resin filled molded flexible insulation system for 13KV AC Class Motors and Generators.   A system specifically designed for industrial environments where abrasive and high particulate contamination is prevalent. A flexible insulation system designed for your in-house or in-field winding project requirements.

Our Services Include:

    • In House High Voltage Endurance Lab
    • Integrated Internal Global VPI Capabilities
    • Industry Leader in Quality Control and Assurance Program
    • Diamond Coil and Roebel Bar Capable
    • Dedicated 12,000 Sq. ft. Climate Controlled and Hepa Air Filtered Facility

High Voltage Systems – Charged By Solutions

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